Structural Metallic Materials
Processing, Micro/Nano-structures & Mechanical Properties
Physical Metallurgy & Mechanical Metallurgy

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A paper shown below by Dr.Mao (J-PARC) has been published in Journal of Materials Science & Technology.
"In situ neutron diffraction revealing the achievement of excellent combination of strength and ductility in metastable austenitic steel by grain refinement"〇Wenqi Mao, Wu Gong, Stefanus Harjo, Satoshi Morooka, Si Gao, Takuro Kawasaki, Nobuhiro Tsuji: Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 176, 20 (2024), 69-82
Domestic Conference
Tsuji,  Park, Yoshida, Hwang,  Gholizadeh, Matsumiya, Yako, Fu, Suzumura, Wang, Munch, Yamamoto, Kato, Fujii, Dono, Nishikawa participated in the JIM Fall Meeting and the ISIJ Fall Meeting held at the University of Toyama. Please refer to the link below for more information.
Presentation From This Lab
JIM Fall Meeting
ISIJ Fall Meeting
A poster shown below by Dono (M1) winned the ISIJ Poster Award in the 186th ISIJ Fall Meeting.
"繰り返し熱処理による Fe-24Ni-0.3C TRIP 鋼の引張変形挙動の変化"○Mayu Dono, Nobuhiro Tsuji
Lab Meeting
2nd JIM/ISIJ Rehearsal
Lab Meeting
Research report by Suzumura (D1) and Dono (M1)
Lau (D1) has been awarded the Best Poster Award in the area of Structural Materials at the Euromat meeting.
Domestic Conference
Tsuji, Park, Hwang, Yako, and Suzumura participated in the meeting for deformation and fracture of material in high-temperature 2023.
Hwang, Yako, and Suzumura gave presentations at the meeting.
International Conference
Yoshida, Lau, and Yamamoto participated in the Euromat meeting held in Frankfurt, Germany. Please refer to the link below for more information.
Sri Bala Aditya Malladi has returned to Sweden after a two-month stay.
Lab Meeting
1st JIM/ISIJ Rehearsal


We are studying nano/micro-structure control and mechanical properties of advanced structural metallic materials. Structural materials provide superior mechanical properties and are indispensable for safety and progress of society. We try to clarify the formation mechanisms of nano/micro-structure through phase transformation, precipitation, recrystallization and severe plastic deformation, and to correlate the obtained structures with their strength, ductility and fracture behavior fundamentally. Especially, we have been one of the world-leading groups on bulk nanostructured metals. We endeavor to make the atmosphere where young students and researchers can independently develop their ability through frontier research. With diverse members including international students and researchers, we have been energetically carrying out research activities, often through collaborations with other groups in various universities, institutes and industries.

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