Structural Metallic Materials
Processing, Micro/Nano-structures & Mechanical Properties
Physical Metallurgy & Mechanical Metallurgy

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Lab Meeting
Research report by Matsumiya (D1) and Okada (D3)
Lab Meeting
Tea-time seminar by Liu (M1)
A paper shown below collaborated by Gao and Tsuji has been published in Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol. 817.
"Microstructure, texture and mechanical properties of sandwiched ARB6/2/6 2N Al fabricated by accumulative roll bonding"○Xiaojuan Jiang, Si Gao, Ling Zhang, Guilin Wu, Xiaoxu Huang, Nobuhiro Tsuji: Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol. 817, 141356.


Lab Meeting
Research report by Chong (ESISM Assistant Professor) and Reza (Post-doctoral Fellow)
International Conference
<Invited Talk>
Prof. Tsuji participated in "2021 Virtual MRS Spring Meeting (ST4.04: High Entropy Materials IV Symposium)" and gave an invited talk entitled "Unique High-Temperature Deformation Dominated by Grain Boundary Sliding in Heterogeneous Necklace Structure Formed by Dynamic Recrystallization in HfNbTaTiZr High Entropy Alloy"
Lab Meeting
Teatime Seminar by Lau (M1) and Asada (M1)
A paper shown below collaborated by Bai and Tsuji has been published in Scientific Reports, 11 (2021).
"A correlation between grain boundary character and deformation twin nucleation mechanism in coarse‑grained high‑Mn austenitic steel"○Chang‑Yu Hung, Yu Bai, Tomotsugu Shimokawa, Nobuhiro Tsuji, and Mitsuhiro Murayama: Scientific Reports, 11 (2021), 8468​​​​​​​
Lab Meeting
Research introduction by Tokiwa (M1) and Nakase (M1)
Lab Meeting
Research report by Guo (Post-doctoral Fellow) and He (D3)
A paper shown below by Shibata has been published in Acta Materialia, Vol. 210.
"Effects of local stress, strain, and hydrogen content on hydrogen-related fracture behavior in low-carbon martensitic steel"○Akinobu Shibata, Takashi Yonemura, Yuji Momotani, Myeong-heom Park, Shusaku Takagi, Yazid Madi, Jacques Besson, Nobuhiro Tsuji: Acta Materialia, Vol. 210 (2021), 116828.


We are studying nano/micro-structure control and mechanical properties of advanced structural metallic materials. Structural materials provide superior mechanical properties and are indispensable for safety and progress of society. We try to clarify the formation mechanisms of nano/micro-structure through phase transformation, precipitation, recrystallization and severe plastic deformation, and to correlate the obtained structures with their strength, ductility and fracture behavior fundamentally. Especially, we have been one of the world-leading groups on bulk nanostructured metals. We endeavor to make the atmosphere where young students and researchers can independently develop their ability through frontier research. With diverse members including international students and researchers, we have been energetically carrying out research activities, often through collaborations with other groups in various universities, institutes and industries.

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