Structural Metallic Materials
Processing, Micro/Nano-structures & Mechanical Properties
Physical Metallurgy & Mechanical Metallurgy

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A paper shown below by Dr. Lavakumar (Kyushu University) has been published in Scripta Materialia, 230 (2023).
"Yield and flow properties of ultra-fine, fine, and coarse grain microstructures of FeCoNi equiatomic alloy at ambient and cryogenic temperatures"○Avala Lavakumar, Shuhei Yoshida, Jesada Punyafu, Shiro Ihara, Yan Chong, Hikaru Saito, Nobuhiro Tsuji, Mitsuhiro Murayama: Scripta Materialia, 230 (2023), 115392​​​​​​​
Lab Meeting
Research report by Gao (Senior Lecturer), Teatime seminar by Yan (D1) and TMS Rehearsal
A paper shown below by Chong and Reza has been published in Scripta Materialia, 230 (2023)
"New insights into the colony refinement mechanism by solute boron atoms in Ti-6Al-4V alloy"○Yan Chong, Reza Gholizadeh, Kaichi Yamamoto, Nobuhiro Tsuji: Scripta Materialia, 230 (2023), 115397​​​​​​​
International Conference
<Invited Lecture>
Prof. Tsuji gave an invited lecture entitled "Nucleation of New Deformation Modes in Fully Annealed Nanostructured Metals" in NanoSPD8.
Lab Meeting
2nd JIM/ISIJ Rehearsal
Lab Meeting
Research report by Yoshida (Assistant Professor) and Park (Assistant Professor), NanoSPD8 rehearsal
Lab Meeting
1st JIM/ISIJ Rehearsal
International Conference

Tsuji gave an Invited Talk entitled "Global Understanding of Deformation Behavior in Cantor Alloy under High-Strain Torsion Deformation at Elevated Temperatures" and Yoshida gave a poster presentation entitled "Recrystallization Behavior of Face-centered Cubic High/medium Entropy Alloys Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation and Subsequent Annealing" in the International Workshop of Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "High Entropy Alloys".
Lab Meeting
Research report by Lau (M2), Gabriel (Research student) and Hamshini (Research student)
Lab Meeting
Research report by Yan (D1) and Liu Yuanhong (D1)


We are studying nano/micro-structure control and mechanical properties of advanced structural metallic materials. Structural materials provide superior mechanical properties and are indispensable for safety and progress of society. We try to clarify the formation mechanisms of nano/micro-structure through phase transformation, precipitation, recrystallization and severe plastic deformation, and to correlate the obtained structures with their strength, ductility and fracture behavior fundamentally. Especially, we have been one of the world-leading groups on bulk nanostructured metals. We endeavor to make the atmosphere where young students and researchers can independently develop their ability through frontier research. With diverse members including international students and researchers, we have been energetically carrying out research activities, often through collaborations with other groups in various universities, institutes and industries.

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