Structural Metallic Materials
Processing, Micro/Nano-structures & Mechanical Properties
Physical Metallurgy & Mechanical Metallurgy

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We have published a book “The Plaston Concept” from Springer. As it is an Open Access Book, you can download it from the link shown below. “The Plaston Concept: Plastic Deformation in Structural Materials”  Editors: Isao TANAKA, Nobuhiro Tsuji, Haruyuki INUI, Springer, Singapore (2022)  ISBN 978-981-16-7714-4, 978-981-16-7715-1 (eBook) Tsuji wrote a chapter entitled "Proposing the Concept of Plaston and Strategy to Manage Both High Strength and Large Ductility in Advanced Structural Materials, on the Basis of Unique Mechanical Properties of Bulk Nanostructured Metals" in the book.

Lab Meeting
Research introduction by Zhao and Chu
Lab Meeting
Teatime seminar by Asada (M2) and Lau (M2)
Lab Meeting
Research report by Nakase (M2)
Visiting Researchers
Prof. David Rodney (The Institute of Light and Matter, University of Lyon, France) and Prof. Shigenobu Ogata (Osaka University) visited our laboratory and had a discussion shown below.
Presentation by Chong: How oxygen interacts with defects in titanium - experimental and simulation studies
Presentation by Hwang: Nature of serration behavior and Portevin–Le Chatelier (PLC) effect in high-Mn austenitic steel
Seminar by Prof. David Rodney: Atomistic modelling of dislocations and interfaces in metals and oxides
Lab Meeting
Research report by Lau (M2) and Tokiwa (M2)
Lab Meeting
Teatime seminar by Suzumura (M2) and Fujii (M1)
International Conference
<keynote lecture>
Prof. Tsuji gave a keynote lecture, Gao and Park gave presentations and Avala and Mao gave poster presentation in The 7th International Conference on Advanced Steels (ICAS 2022).
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Prof. Tsuji was awarded the 19th Honda Frontier Award.
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Lab Meeting
Teatime seminar by Hashino (D1) and Yamamoto (M1)


We are studying nano/micro-structure control and mechanical properties of advanced structural metallic materials. Structural materials provide superior mechanical properties and are indispensable for safety and progress of society. We try to clarify the formation mechanisms of nano/micro-structure through phase transformation, precipitation, recrystallization and severe plastic deformation, and to correlate the obtained structures with their strength, ductility and fracture behavior fundamentally. Especially, we have been one of the world-leading groups on bulk nanostructured metals. We endeavor to make the atmosphere where young students and researchers can independently develop their ability through frontier research. With diverse members including international students and researchers, we have been energetically carrying out research activities, often through collaborations with other groups in various universities, institutes and industries.

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